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Traveling in Northern California by Helicopter

Scouting by Helicopter

Fly early in your trip. In other words, consider the helicopter leg of your travel as “scouting” because an airborne overview provides terrific information and insight about the area that would take years of detailed exploration otherwise.

As you make your scouting flight, be sure to orient yourself by the large landmarks, the large mountains, large lakes, the cities and settlements, and roadways as reference points. By scouting ahead of time, you will make better use of your vacation time in the area because you will have a better sense of relative distances. You also may well discover a fascination with some little-known area that you would never have otherwise seen.

And there’s one other subtle factor. When you go into a new area, even a new city, it’s very common to feel a sense of disorientation, compared to your own home and your well-known “stomping grounds”. That’s just natural. And one way to quickly gain that feeling of assurance is by scouting.

For example, if you will be in a new city for several days just driving around the city once produces a different feeling inside your mind and body. In a similar and more dramatic fashion, your exploratory scouting trip by helicopter will give you a completely different feeling about the area and your current adventure.

Safety and Fun Essentials

Safety first. When choosing your helicopter charter or your helicopter tour company be up-front and ask how many hours experience your pilot has logged. If you have a choice of pilots, you might want to choose the one with the largest number of safe hours.

You may also be reassured if you inquire about the helicopter’s maintenance. Because you want to navigate the sky in the a helicopter which is neat and clean, because you want to see fanaticism when it comes to safety and maintenance.

Since you’re going to be looking out the windows, it makes sense to be certain that there are windows for you to look out of. That is to say, if you choose a four-seater helicopter, then it’s pretty certain that each person will be sitting beside a window. There do exist helicopters with few windows, so it’s a good idea to inquire.

And since you’re going to be looking out the windows, it also makes sense to ensure that you can see out of the windows easily. If you will wear dark clothing, then there will be less glare on the inside of the windows. A simple precaution, and better sight-seeing. One last tip: discuss with your pilot what you want to see. Don’t assume that he or she will know. Even if it was discussed earlier, it won’t hurt to remind the pilot what you want to see.

Motion Discomfort Tips

If you are new to flying, or if you sometimes experience motion sickness, here are some precautions that you can take to ensure that your adventure travel through Northern California by helicopter is as fun as it could possibly be.

First, be aware that keeping your eyes on the horizon may help to keep you oriented and to reduce any discomfort from the motion of the aircraft.

Next, before you start out, eat only lightly. Your stomach may well thank you! If the helicopter has an air vent or a window that will send cool air towards your face, for most people it reduces discomfort from the craft’s motion.

And if you want to use more extreme measures, consider over-the-counter medications such as Dramamine.

Your adventure travel by helicopter will give you a better vacation, more fun, and an exciting kickoff to your stay in Northern California. You can enjoy the magnificent mountains, the pristine waterways and Clearwater Lakes, and forests as old as mankind… from the air!

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