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San Francisco, CA – An Attractive Destination for Tourists

July 27th, 2013 8:11 am

San Francisco City is the fourth populated cosmopolitan city in California, which is the showpiece of the Bay Area, known for its political communities and diverse culture. The city is also known for its hilly terrain, scenic beauty and world class finest restaurants.

The city is located on seven by seven mile which is 11×11 kilometer square of land at the end of the peninsula between the Pacific coast and San Francisco Bay. City has a population of 800,000 approximately and it is blessed with a wonderful mild climate. Most of the months, the temperature will be around 15 and 25 degrees Celsius; that is 60s or 70s degrees Fahrenheit. One should be prepared for a cool humid climate, even during the summers; except in the month of September. Never be afraid of SF’s fog or the cool Pacific air, everybody who visits the city is sure to enjoy the radiant skies and refreshing air, and this is a main reason why one must visit SF.

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities that makes-up the entire Bay Area. When you look at the history of San Francisco, it was founded in the year 1776 by the Spanish and ever since it has been the most vibrant city. Today the city is know for it mixture of cultures, beautiful places and its liberal outlook. This is why SF remains one of America’s top tourist destinations! If you want to read a nice book on the tumultuous early history of San Francisco city, then check out Herbert Asbury’s ‘Barbary Coast’, which tells you the years from the rush for gold in 1849 to the devastating earthquake in the year 1906.

If your are planning to go visit San Francisco then you may take a flight which is one of the best and easiest way to reach the city. There are three main airports, San Francisco International, Oakland International and Mineta San Jose International. Both San Jose and Oakland offers great discounts for airline flights. San Francisco Intl Airport attracts more international flights and this is very much convenient for those who are staying in the city. Once reaching the airport, you will be able to find numerous shuttles which will take you to your respective hotels. You can even book these shuttles in advance so that you don’t need to waste time or struggle once you reach the city. Some of the shuttles will have great TV recommendations, which will give you information on hotels and restaurants in SF and also about place of interests. San Francisco city is sensual as well as epicurean with a huge range of restaurants. You can find huge price range and you may spend anywhere from a small fortune to few dollars for every type of cuisine and SF is a paradise if you are a vegetarian or vegan. If you want to have a great holiday, then San Francisco is the right city!

Shopping at San Francisco

July 15th, 2013 10:42 am

Shopping experience at San Francisco is blissful with full of unique shops in very interesting areas of the city. You may be looking for the best gourmet food or may be hunting for the hottest new fashion trends; San Francisco is one stylish city to shop. From the preferred tourist Fisherman’s Wharf shops to the elite Union Square designer stores; San Francisco is a great place for shopping for every type of shopper.

Take a trip down to the piers of Fisherman’s Wharf and explore yourself in to the world of shopping. Start at Ghirardelli Square where you would find the best waterfront shopping experience along with mind-blowing restaurants and live entertainments at the Fountain and West Plazas. From here you will also experience other popular waterfront shopping complexes.

PIER 39 is a multi-level shopping mall catering to all Fishermen’s Wharf shoppers. This is the busiest of the waterfront complexes and PIER 39 welcomes over 11 million visitors to over 100 specialty stores onsite. This complex also has 10 bay view restaurants, which allows shoppers to rest and enjoy the incredible views from the pier. Another important highlight of the pier is the opportunity to have a look and photograph California sea lions as they sun bathe on floating docks.

Another attractive place for shopping is The Cannery, it has been designed in an old, European styled piazzas. Explore this Fisherman’s Wharf waterfront complex’s shops, its ceramics studio and great fine restaurants. You have live entertainment in Jazz Club Nouveau or The Cannery’s preferred Green Room Comedy Club. Famous street performers are also often found milling around The Cannery Grounds making this area a very great shopping experience for the whole family.

Move on to the Ferry Building Marketplace in the Embarcadero and experience some of the world’s greatest gourmet food here. Breads, cheeses, chocolates and more are all available with this stylish, contemporary marketplace. Round up your shopping experience with an outstanding late lunch at the San Francisco restaurants. The marketplace is even more crowded during weekends. During the weekends the outdoor Farmers’ Market opens up their market and welcomes shoppers to taste the finest Northern California fruits, vegetables, breads, chocolates and many more. The best plants, fresh flowers and amazing gifts are all available at the Farmers’ Market.

Fashionable and stylish people would prefer traveling downtown to Union Square to shop all the fashionable shops, which makes this area top in San Francisco. Huge departmental stores, designer stores and variety of other high end specialty shops make this shopper’s shopping area. Shoppers hunting for antiques, vintage clothing and unique items would desire to visit Chinatown, Haight Ashbury and SoMa. These neighborhoods are home to few hidden San Francisco shopping gem. Whether you are looking for newest and greatest original fashion trends or looking for a more classic look, San Francisco has all the shops you would ever want.

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